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Lumen Fox: The dancer in bondage

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If I could say one thing about Lumen Fox, it would be she very, very good looking... Both in real life and without her clothes on. Fox is a professional dancer, so we can ask ourselves the question why would a dancer, who focuses so much on movement and fluidity want to shoot bondage? She was into the struggle, bondage is hot.

Electrical Tape
Lumen Fox starts out in her exercise gear with her wrists strictly bound in electrical tape. And as the pictures progress I add more and more, restricting the movement of this beautiful dancer.

After a costume change we begin again. With metal restraints firmly locked in and dangling from a chain above her head, Fox is only able to writhe as she is stripped of her clothes.

Rope + Spreader Bar
Now fully nude and exposed I use my ropes to tie Lumen Fox to her favorite bondage position. With her arms attached to the bar and now her legs spread wide we have a five star tie going for this model.

Hooded Rope Harness
What can I say, Lumen fox was too pretty to just leave like that... So I mix it up and put her in the hood with a tortoise shell style body harness to see some of that posing she does in other photo shoots.

Single Zip Tie
One of my favorite struggle situations is to put on a single inescapable zip tie. Lumen Fox experiences the frustration of this simple tie because she isn't strong enough to break free of it...

RAW Footage
A soft six minute struggle for Lumen Fox while tied to the spreader bar.

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Model is over the age of 18. Content is for private viewing only and not to be redistributed in any capacity anywhere. Doing so may result in legal action being taken.

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Lumen Fox: The dancer in bondage

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