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Discreet: Nude vixen in anonymous bondage

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"Discreet" is a pseudonym. I met this adventurous model on the internet and though she didn't get into modeling to do nude fetish and bondage... But look where we are now. Looking back on my body of work, If asked what my favorite images were, I would say that these ones are.

Chest Harness
Discreet is tied in rope. Nothing is more appealing to me than using rope to take away a model's limbs from her and letting the jute bite into her skin.

Collared, a nude Discreet, experiences the binding of cold steel and exposed for you.

Forced Bow
After warming up with some ties, Discreet experiences a stricter tie with her neck attached to her ankles and wrists bound her back.

Hogcuffed + Unwrapped
Moving back to the steel bondage, Discreet is hogcuffed and left to roll around and struggle. Bonus images of Discreet beginning to unmask herself.

Discreet is now pictured in one of my favorite cool down positions,,, Leaving my hooded and nude muse tied tightly to a chair to reflect on our time together.

If you like the sound of this... Check out The Complete Set.

Model is over the age of 18. Content is for private viewing only and not to be redistributed in any capacity anywhere. Doing so may result in legal action being taken.

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Discreet: Nude vixen in anonymous bondage

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