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Dez: Trying fetish for the first time

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Dez's approach to me was a unique one, she was urged on by her partner to try her hand at bondage modeling. So if you're curious about the variety of outfits and looks I have tied and shot Dez in, it is thanks to him.

Black Dress
Up first Dez is restrained in her tight black dress. Using tape I bind her and gag her for the first time.

In her cheerleader costume Dez experiences zip ties for bondage. They pinch at her limbs and spin while she writhes for the camera.

Peach Dress
In a much cheerier attire I bind and cuff Dez on the couch, much to her discomfort

Fast forward to our second shoot... Dez is striking in her latex attire. Using rope and an open mouth gag she is exposed for the camera.

In a rope chest harness Dez is tied for you, the viewer.

Tit Torture
As she continues her submission, Dez experiences a bit of my sadistic side. With her arms restrained and rope securing her by the hair I use clothespins to pinch at her exposed tits.

As always if you enjoy, check out The Complete Set.

Model is over the age of 18. Content is for private viewing only and not to be redistributed in any capacity anywhere. Doing so may result in legal action being taken.

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Dez: Trying fetish for the first time

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