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Bella + Calisa: The raw footage

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Bella Luxx and Calisa Bliss star in an early video project I endeavored on. They are bound and struggling throughout several different binds and gags. The footage is grainy, raw and real.

Zip Tied + Gagged
Wearing the skimpiest outfits Bella and Calisa are bound together with zip ties and plastic cuffs. Together they struggle, moan, roll around and grind it out trying to escape.

Metal + Taped
Now nude Bella and Calisa have their mouths tightly taped shut and are now bound with metal shackles and chains... But unlike the zip ties, we have an escape!

Electrical Tape + Hooded
In coordinating lace body suits Bella and Calisa free themselves in this uncut, one take video.

JPG Previews
Take a peek at the action in these screen captures of the HD videos.

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Models are over the age of 18. Content is for private viewing only and not to be redistributed in any capacity anywhere. Doing so may result in legal action being taken.

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Bella + Calisa: The raw footage

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