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Lauren: Personal trainer gets personally trained

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Lauren was a revelation to dominate and photograph. She was a discovery on Craigslist, she sent in two photos of herself in an outdoor shower and has no social media. Clearly she is living the dream in the 2020's. At her day job as a personal trainer Lauren finds herself as the boss, commanding her clientele into better shape and healthy lifestyles. That stops right away with me.

Sometimes you have to put your subject in her place right away. I started Lauren leashed up like a dog, in her street clothes, right from the get go. Her powerful body is restrained in metal restraints and exposed for the camera.

Moving on to metal bondage, Lauren is locked in and unable to escape.

Zip Tied
To showcase my creativity to Lauren I gag her and tightly bind her body all over with zip ties. Locked in and unable to stand or complain she is allowed to struggle in her bondage.

Moving onto a more traditional variety of bondage Lauren gets the classic red ball gag and rope ties. She performs wonderfully in her first rope bondage.

Beyond restraining the bodies of models it is always important to restrain their senses as well. Lauren gets hooded as we continue her submission into rope bondage.

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Model is over the age of 18. Content is for private viewing only and not to be redistributed in any capacity anywhere. Doing so may result in legal action being taken.

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Lauren: Personal trainer gets personally trained

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